“They love the truth when it reveals itself. They hate the truth when it reveals them.”

St. Augustine

Gilgamesh are the makers of bespoke branding and design, tailoring visual communication for businesses that have a belief in the potential of design thinking, creative innovation and great ideas. Gilgamesh is a creative agency that defines design as necessity, not service - producing carefully crafted and conceptually sturdy design solutions for brands that share our robust aesthetic and ethical perspectives.

Gilgamesh respects design as having supreme cultural validity, promoting brands that strive to be culturally influential. Gilgamesh aims to steer businesses towards achieving a healthy brand status, examining design practice and thinking within various industries on street level. Gilgamesh is an adaptation that tempers idealism with realism, dictating that design practice and thinking can stimulate commercial, economic and cultural growth, based upon a business's particular needs and brand ethos. The objective: through collaboration to cultivate an appreciation for the value of design, what design can mean for business and their branding, and the resultant influence that brands can have on culture.

“The truth of art lies in its power to break the monopoly of established reality to define what is real.”

Herbert Marcuse

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