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Gilgamesh is all about connecting with like-minded people who are actively trying to make culture happen, embracing difference, and inviting various views and opinions. Culture can’t happen without a deep and abstract understanding of difference and the multitude of opinions about ‘beauty’ out there. John Ruskin once said: “Nothing can be beautiful which is not true”. Not to be taken literally, often requiring a zen-like embrace of contradiction (Ruskin’s “noble grotesque”), design needs to be ‘true’, or at best be able to reach people on the level of their human truth.

Those who deal in absolutes usually lack vision and perspective, failing to understand the infinite gradations in life, and therefore they can’t produce culture and can do nothing but consume. Gilgamesh strives to work with people that try to push back against the tide of absolutist ideologies and the blind consumption of culture. Design needs to benefit people and not destroy the planet. If you like the way that Gilgamesh thinks and works why not send a message, perhaps we can collaborate.


Kizaemon Ido Tea Bowl. Korea. Yi Dynasty (16th century). Deemed by Sōetsu Yanagi to be the most beautiful object in the world.

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    Gilgamesh is a remote studio, proudly South African. Although the studio has no physical address, Gilgamesh is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    T: +27 (0)72 383 5091


    +27 (0)72 383 5091



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    Live Design, Breathe Culture·

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    Live Design, Breathe Culture·

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