Locally sourced and produced eco-friendly baby apparel and cosmetics.

Envisioned to be an eco-friendly, locally-made, locally-sourced apparel and cosmetics brand, Hunter Gatherer focuses on sustainable and ethically produced goods. As a fledgling fashion and lifestyle brand, Hunter Gatherer has humble beginnings, starting with a small line of baby apparel and a range of soaps, with the intent to grow into a range for adults as the brand establishes itself. Gilgamesh has the responsibility to develop a brand identity and visual communication system for this still-evolving company, with a website coming soon.

The concept for Hunter Gatherer is cradle to cradle, which can be defined as the production of goods that are effectively recycled to the point where they end their life by returning to the earth in some environmentally neutral way, imitating nature’s cycle. If performed properly, this process is equivalent to true sustainability as nothing becomes waste, or cannot be reused. The concept narrates a time when human beings once lived in symbiosis with nature.

In the prehistoric past, when we were nomadic, living off the land, and totally dependent on the health of our environment, human beings respected nature. We nurtured nature, and in turn, nature nurtured us. The tools we used were bows, arrows, and spears. We looked to the stars in wonderment and even learned to use the heavens to navigate towards the horizon in search of greener pastures. Our companions often came in the form of domesticated wolves or foxes, what we now take for granted as dogs.

Foxes are also a type of hunter-gatherer and form a pivotal part of the food chain for all kinds of flora and fauna. The notion of cradle to cradle lies at the heart of Hunter Gatherer as a company, sourcing and manufacturing its products with the highest degree of environmental awareness. As Hunter Gatherer’s offering is mostly baby products, the words cradle, nurture, and future are even more pertinent. Hence its strapline: “Nurture. Nature. For the Future”.




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